TSX-V: BMET   $0.25 Copper:   US$2.70/lb Zinc:   US$1.20/lb

stock price

TSX-V: BMET   $0.25
0.01 (0.04%)

copper spot price

$2.70 US$/lb

zinc spot price

$1.20 US$/lb

Our Acquisition Criteria

BeMetals Corp. is focused on identifying and acquiring a cornerstone development base metals project using the following primary criteria.

Primary Acquisition Criteria:

  • Project Stage: Producing assets or an asset with near-term production potential. Preferably at the DFS, PFS, PEA or advanced exploration stage.
  • Ore Grade: High to Medium
  • Targeted Tonnage: 2 - 20 million tonnes of mineable ore
  • Targeted Deposit Types: VMS, Skarns, Epithermal Veins, Oxides, or Sediment- hosted
  • Jurisdiction: Preferably located in a geopolitically stable region
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